P.Miller, Principal

Meet Our Staff

Victoria Buell


Email: vbuell@community-first.org


Rebecca Buell

Lead Teacher

Email: rbuell@community-first.org

Kathy Forrest

 PreK/Enrichment teacher

Email:  kforrest@community-first.org

Jule Hensler


Email:   jhensler@community-first.org

Marianne Honchell


Email: mhonchell@community-first.org

Tia Maccio


Email: tmaccio@community-first.org

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Faye Meyer
Melanie Hassler
Susan Costantino

Teacher/Office Support


Director's Welcome

For more than 25 years, I have worked in many different programs from preschools, elementary schools, child care centers and programs for children with special needs. I have never been involved in a program quite as special as Colonial Schools. 

Each day consists of a combination of large group times, center based play, small group time and outdoor play.  The teachers set up the classroom environment so the students are learning as they explore the classroom.  We make learning fun, which helps create a lifelong love of learning in our students. 

While we understand that it is important that children be academically prepared for kindergarten, we also know it is just as important to teach children how to be kind, respectful and helpful to those around them.  We believe these important character traits are an important foundation for their future. 

Our intergenerational program is definitely a unique part of our program.  We love spending time with our Grandfriends celebrating birthdays and holidays, exercising or doing crafts with them. Our teachers are just amazing!  Years of experience and dedication to what is best for our students is evident in everything that we do. All of our staff get to know each child and family. We really are like a big family at Colonial Schools.  


Karen Makela, Director

Meet Our Staff

Marianne Honchell

Preschool Lead Teacher


Tammy Stempfley

Preschool  Teacher


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Ginger Powers

Pre-K Teacher


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